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Lululemon – Their Message is Tight!

Lululemon, Lululemon, Lululemon!!!  There I said it!!  In the last few weeks it seems that every time I get into a conversation about marketing and social media the words “Lululemon – their message is tight!” comes out of my mouth.  Let me explain. I knew of Lululemon, but they didn’t really hit on my radar [...]

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Under Armour Meet the Rower

So I appear to still have Under Armour on the brain. In a previous post I ended by saying I had some fabulous ideas on how they can connect with the rowing community. Now I have to admit to having a soft spot in my heart for the sport. I first stepped into a boat [...]

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Giving Back in 2010

Over the past few years a little voice inside my head kept telling me I needed to do more – I needed to give back to the world around me. I responded by giving my time and talents to local causes – Habitat for Humanity and Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue – to name two. [...]

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