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Dammit, Janet, I Love You… – The Ultimate in Customer Interaction

It was the winter of 1988.  I was 16 years old, living in New Zealand and a virgin.  A Rocky Horror Picture Show virgin.  For the uninitiated, that means I had yet to have my first Rocky Horror experience.  I knew nothing about the rice, toast and water guns.  Not even an inkling of the [...]

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Are You Passing the Bathroom Test with Your Clients?

I’ve been thinking about bathrooms lately.  Bathrooms speak volumes about your business!  It gives an intimate look into your thought process and perceived work ethic and can be easily overlooked by a busy business owner.  (Stay with me – I promise this will make sense!!) It was Monday morning and I was busy cleaning and [...]

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The Words that Define You

Words are powerful.  They send messages, convey emotions and bring people to action.  In my post about Lululemon and their remarkable social media efforts I touched on the core words that clearly define who they are. A quick visit to their website and you will find the words – goals, outgoing, upbeat, energetic and fun [...]

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