It’s All in the Name

How Lil Blu Dragonfly Came to Be

I’ve been asked time and again how I came up with the name Lil Blu Dragonfly. Did I just pull it out of a hat??

Actually, I put a lot of thought into this name.  The original name (and the one I had for years and years) was Jennie Sjursen Photography. Nothing wrong with that if  - 1) you can remember to spell Jennie with an ie instead of y and 2) Sj – SJ!???! are you kidding me – Norwegian names are not friendly to the brain when trying to remember how to spell them. Don’t even get me started on how to say it!

In 2008 I put the business into semi-hibernation – really only working with past clients/friends.  Then at the end of 2008, I was ready to reemerge and realized it was the perfect time to finally change the name. I sat down with a pen and pad and wrote down all the words, emotions and feelings that I wanted my business to encompass. I wanted it to reflect me, my clients and where we were going.

Eventually, I landed on Lil Blu Dragonfly. Lil for the child and family portraiture that I wanted to focus on. Blu for my love of all things water. I grew up on the water. I’ve been a rower for 20 plus years and I believe, as did the Ancient Phoenicians, “A day on the water is a day not taken from one’s life.” And finally, Dragonfly. I had seemly wandered into a wonderland of dragonflies on my frequent hikes in a local state forest.  I went online to do a little research on dragonflies and learned that they are a symbol of new beginnings. That fit perfectly with where I was in my life! And that is how the name Lil Blu Dragonfly came to be.