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The UnKitchen Diva Takes on the 3 B’s – Butter Beer Bread!

  The UnKitchen Diva may or may not be the world’s best procrastinator…. When faced with a large and looming deadline she did what she does best – ignored it and climbed up on her counter (sitting on top of the counter is the most appropriate place to procrastinate – of course!!) to peruse her cookbooks. Low and behold – what did she come across!?! A recipe for the ultimate trifecta of Bs – Butter, Beer and Bread! In all honesty, it was the butter – the one stick of melted butter, poured over the top of the dough before pushing it into the oven - that sold her. Because, well really, nothing else more than that can be said – The UnKitchen Diva gives you: Butter Beer Bread!! Butter Beer Bread 3 cups flour                

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Snow Day with The UnKitchen Diva – Slow Cooker Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo

Slow Cooker Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo

Snow, snow and more snow. The UnKitchen Diva is done and frankly wondering why the heck they even scheduled school for the month of January this year… So bored, and locked in the house for hours huddled under the electric blanket next to the space heater, The UnKitchen Diva needed to break the rut. Hours (and I do mean hours and hours) later on Pinterest (or at least she thinks it was Pinterest…) she came upon this recipe for Slow Cooker Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo. “Hmmm gumbo… I’ve never tried (nor eaten) gumbo before, this could be an excellent snow day experiment” she thought. (And it’s not like she hasn’t had enough snow days this year…) Have you ever thrown only flour into a pan and put it on high heat? The UnKitchen Diva was highly skeptical on this working.

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The Return of The UnKitchen Diva! – German Brotchen Rolls


I swear it’s true! The UnKitchen Diva LIVES!!! Yes, yes, she has been a tad reclusive of late… Ok, Ok, the last two years!! She got into a cookie rut, never did learn how to grill THE perfect burger and delved into slow cooking. HA! You should have seen her face when she put a whole chicken into that thing. Even more priceless was the look when she realized she had chicken, lots and lots of chicken! But that’s a story for another day. What she has become more than a tad bit obsessed with of late is BREAD. This woman LOVES to bake bread (think it has something to do with all the kneading) However, she doesn’t eat it (something to do with the once you start you can never finish and gluttony not being an attractive trait). Always a

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The UnKitchen Diva and Garlic Herb Butter Hamburgers

herb butter hamburger

The UnKitchen Diva finally got around to rolling up her sleeves and moving forward with her quest for the perfect burger. When this woman gets an idea in her head you best watch out! She did not care that it was March, that she knows nothing about grilling or that the winds were gusting up to 30 miles/hr. She’s seen numerous Facebook posts of men bragging about how they grilled in the middle of blizzards this winter. The UnKitchen Diva would not be bested – she had a mission!! Well as all missions go, you tend to learn a thing or two. The UnKitchen Diva actually had one mind blowing revelation. Mind Blowing, I tell you! Hold on… wait for it…. When you cut a 1lb of ground beef into quarters you get 1/4 pounders!!! So simple and yet so

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On A Quest for THE Perfect Burger – 2011 with The UnKitchen Diva

The UnKitchen Diva burger quest

Juicy, thick, medium rare with cheese dripping down the side… hmmmmm. The UnKitchen Diva loves burgers. No I mean, LOVES burgers! She has been on a quest to find the perfect burger for years; only to be disappointed more times than she cares to remember. Out of the huge number of burgers she ate in 2010, she fondly remembers two. The first was in Mercersburg, PA in a local pub/bar – Flannery’s Tavern on the Square. The UnKitchen Diva was working in Mercersburg last spring when she stumbled upon this burger.  It was huge, juicy and the bun wasn’t to bready – everything she dreams a burger should be. In fact, she’s been known to ponder the idea of making a trip to Mercersburg just so she can relive this burger experience. More than one person has heard her say

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