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Lil Mr N – Newborn Session

Mr N - newborn photography session

This was a newborn session I waited for months to happen! I met Lil Mr N’s mom when she was about 3 months pregnant. It wasn’t to long after that we talked about doing a newborn session. We set it all up 4 months before he arrived! As we got closer and closer to his due date I had to refrain myself from emailing his mom and repeatedly asking “Is he here yet??” Well I can finally say – He’s Here, He’s Here!! Meet Lil Mr. N!

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Lil Mr G – Newborn Session


How lucky am I?!? I’ve had a run on newborn sweetness lately and I’m loving it! When I got to the house Lil Mr. G was having a good bake in the sun. He was all warm, toasty and snuggled up. I quickly got to work! Look at his precious little face – can it get any sweeter than that!?! This boy is loved. His Momma just couldn’t stop herself from kissing him, and kissing him, and kissing him… Meet Lil Mr. G! For his Momma

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Lil Miss L – Newborn Session

newborn and sister

Has to be said – Lil Miss is L is a beautiful, beautiful baby. Her big sister is adorable too! We decided before hand to time our session around her big sister, Miss J, schedule. While Miss J was finishing out the school day we started with Lil Miss L’s one on one images. Not long after Miss J came bounding in – FULL of  energy, chatting away about her day and going ons at school. From my understanding it was a very good day! We ended the session with images of the sisters together – Miss J proudly and lovingly showed off all her big sister knowledge. That pride and love shines through – so, so thrilled to have captured these moments! Meet the sisters!

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Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy


“Close your eyes, Have no fear, The monsters gone, He’s on the run and your daddy’s here, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy.” John Lennon – Beautiful Boy Life is a very funny thing.  It really is true, the more you live, learn and love, the more you stay the same.  Meeting this beautiful boy is a perfect example of that. Back in the day, I went to high school with his mom! Muffy and I are the same age but were a year apart in school.  I was a year ahead and wish I could say it was because of my brilliance. Really it all came down to the fact that I started school at age 4.  Our high school was tiny – no, really – really tiny! There were 300 students – not in each grade level – in

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Come Out and Play with Me

Maryland promotion storyboard

And bring your dollies three! As I don’t have a studio (all of my work is purposely done on location) traditionally my portrait season here in Connecticut kicks off mid to end of May.  We usually don’t have the type of Spring to write home about around here.  It’s cold and damp, with a few beautiful sunny days thrown in to trick us into thinking this year we’ll finally have a real Spring!! I’ve always heard Spring just a few 100 miles south is a beautiful thing – cherry blossoms and flowering gardens.  After shooting still lifes and The Extraordinary Funky Chicken this winter I’m itching for squishy faces and sticky fingers!  I so want to go out and play that I’m beside myself with the thought of waiting 3-4 weeks to have some fun!  This got me to brainstorming

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