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Ice Cream Trucks and Changing Rooms


Back in July there was a message on my phone from Chris, otherwise known as Dad in the B Family. He was calling to set up a beach session for his kids and wanted to use a voucher he and his wife, Patty, had won at the local library auction 5 years ago! I was blown away that they still had the voucher and of course I was going to make this session happen! After a really good game of phone tag, we finally connected to go over the session details and setup a time/place. I KNEW this was my kind of family when he said “Sunday would be perfect for us. We’re all going to wedding and the kids will be clean that day.” Loved that!! When Chris and I originally spoke we talked about doing individual and group

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Potty Training, Lobster and Leaking A/C Units!


Something clicked in my head as I pulled into the driveway and saw a portable potty chair. I didn’t realize the full meaning of what I was seeing until I walked into my parents’ house, greeted my sisters and was told that “we” were potty training Sanna this week. Welcome to the Sjursen family summer get together… This should really have come as no surprise to me. There is always chaos, adventure and fun to be had when even half of my family is in the same state. Why would I think it would be any different on this trip? One week every summer my entire family converges on my parents’ house for a week of beach, lobster and boating. I grew up in a small coastal town in Connecticut, the kind of town whose population doubles in the summer

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Come Out and Play with Me

Maryland promotion storyboard

And bring your dollies three! As I don’t have a studio (all of my work is purposely done on location) traditionally my portrait season here in Connecticut kicks off mid to end of May.  We usually don’t have the type of Spring to write home about around here.  It’s cold and damp, with a few beautiful sunny days thrown in to trick us into thinking this year we’ll finally have a real Spring!! I’ve always heard Spring just a few 100 miles south is a beautiful thing – cherry blossoms and flowering gardens.  After shooting still lifes and The Extraordinary Funky Chicken this winter I’m itching for squishy faces and sticky fingers!  I so want to go out and play that I’m beside myself with the thought of waiting 3-4 weeks to have some fun!  This got me to brainstorming

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The Gators Girls

Gator Girls Hockey

I’ve been traveling back and forth to Maryland lately.  When there, I stay with friends who are a HUGE hockey family!!  As I walked in the door Tuesday night I was told “The Big Game” was that Friday night.  The show down was to be between the Gators (girls team) and St Paul’s (boys team) – bragging rights were on the line.  I’m not sure exactly when the idea for me to go and shoot the game came up – but I whole heartedly agreed.  It was going to be a challenge – weird, low lighting and fast moving subjects – plus it was “The Big Game”!  How could I miss that!?!  Action sports are not typically what I shoot – but I’m really, really happy with what I captured!  Gators Girls you played with your hearts and I love

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The M Family Christmas Card Conundrum


We had a conundrum this year. Last year’s card was such a spectacular success and expectations were so high we didn’t know how we were going to top it. There was even talk of skipping a year – that would really be unexpected! In the end we decided to do a complete 180˚ – very simple and sophisticated. We’re already putting our thinking caps on for 2010′s card. What do you think we should do? PS – Yep the boys do look a ton like my nephews but no we’re not related

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