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Vipers Baseball

Chase SB1 copy

In honor of the Orioles Pitchers and Catchers reporting in 20 days, I thought I’d share a few images from a baseball session last year. A friend of mine called and said his son’s travel team, The Vipers, were playing their arch rivals at a local park and could I come photograph it for them. Heck yeah! Growing up I was the only girl on the baseball team two years running! We may or may not have only won one game in two years… Details, details!! Still not much can beat sitting in the stands on a warm afternoon and watching some baseball!   And now a little color for you!

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A Family Thing

Child/Family portrait session 2

It was early in the morning on a hot, humid summer day when I met the L family at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore. I found them in this beautiful setting eating breakfast while sitting on a bench under a tree. Did I mention it was early… We got right down to business and took off our shoes. Add in a beach ball and ready, set, run!! There was a brief interlude in the running to test out some tree climbing skills and then we got right back to running. Once all the running (and plain ole exhaustion set in!) I was able to take a few classic portraits of all the kids. Check them out – they are beautiful!! (The kids!! I meant the kids!!)

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Mommy and Me Photo Session

Mommy and Me

A few weeks ago (ok maybe more – I’ve been a wee bit busy…) my favorite mommy blogger, (cool) progeny, sent me a Facebook message asking if I’d be interested in doing a Mommy and Me photo session with her and her daughter. Of course!! We started the afternoon off ‘sharing’ goldfish and quickly moved to jumping on the bed, reading books and singing songs. Wheels on the Bus was a huge hit!! It was such a fun afternoon filled with laughs and giggles.  I love when I get to photograph the connection and love between parents and their kids. It’s a special kind of love! (cool) progeny even wrote up a review of the day on her blog!

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Hangin’ with The Boys (A Day with Father and Son)

father and son

When was the last time you saw fun, professional images of a Dad with his child? I’ll give you a minute… EXACTLY!! This is something that’s been on my brain for a long, long time – years actually and I wanted to change that. I wanted to capture the pure joy, love and affection between a father and his child and I knew I found the perfect pair for this project when I met these two! How did I know and where did I meet this charming pair? Back in October I went to THE football game at Kent Island High School (that little rivalry between Queen Anne’s and Kent Island – yeah, that one). I was part of a large group of people – friends of friends etc – and these two were part of our group. We sat

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They’re Back – Christmas 2010 with the M Family!!

2010 Custom Christmas Card inside

It’s that time of year again, which means, the M family is back for their annual Christmas Card!  Those of you who have been fans of Lil Blu Dragonfly might recognize them from last year’s card and the all time favorite 2008 card.  The boys and I are old hands at this now. We work really well together and the shoot goes amazingly fast! (I think they’re learning the sooner I get what I want the sooner they can get back to whatever they were doing before I showed up!) I look forward to this project every year. It challenges me in so many ways – how to show the boys as they are this year, how to be visually interesting and different from the past year(s) and finally the custom design. I love designing layouts (one of the reasons

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