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A Creative Thought Gone Wild – T Shirt Design Contest

Every now and then I have (what I think) is a fabulous idea. Sometimes these ideas take on a life of their own and become much, much bigger! Such is the case with my seemingly simple idea to have a t-shirt designed for Lil Blu Dragonfly. I had been thinking about designing a t-shirt for Lil Blu Dragonfly for at least a year now and actively talking about it for about 3 months. I did my research, talked to people and looked online for printing places. And then, I stalled and stalled. You see, I realized no one – not a soul – would wear any shirt I designed unless they really, really liked me or were looking for some major brownie points! Then flash, boom, bang a flash of inspiration – what if I got a talented high school

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The Cricket In Times Square


Some books become beloved best friends. You read them over and over and over again.  I discovered The Cricket in Times Square around 4th grade and it quickly fell into the beloved friend category.  I have no idea how many times I read it, but it was multiple, multiple times. However, I can tell you I settled in on the couch and reread it last week. It was like being with a best friend you hadn’t seen in 20 years (hate to say it, but it was probably closer to 30 with The Cricket and me!!).  I found myself totally engrossed and laughing out loud, not something I can say about every grownup book I read. So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my friend – The Cricket in Times Square. Chester Cricket has a love for

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Lucky Number 8

We have a winner!!! Thank-you to everyone who participated in the 2nd children’s book giveaway.  This month’s lucky number, as you can see below, is the number 8. I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for the number 8.  You see, certain numbers, in my head, have a personality and well 8 has always been the forgotten middle child.  She’s stuck between wanna be just like nine 7 and bratty 9.  Today 8 gets to shine all on her own! I’ve contacted the winner and soon will be sending Harold on his way.  I hope they enjoy it as much as I did!

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Harold and the Purple Crayon


So maybe, possibly, quite probably, starting a new monthly series the month before I moved 300 miles – Connecticut to Maryland – was not well planned out. Somehow, I pushed aside all of my previous moving experiences. I didn’t fully recall the chaos and the amount of time it takes to settle in. But oooh I have been reminded.  It’s only this week that I now finally have reliable phone service at the house! (Thank-you Mr Dixon for solving my communications “Black Hole” problem!!) Things seem to be 3/4′s of the way back on track now – whew! I’m ready to announce this month’s book giveaway AND a bonus extra to making up for my dropping the ball! Without further ado I give you: Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. One night Harold decides to take a walk

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Magic Number 13

Thank-you to everyone who participated in Lil Blu Dragonfly’s first book giveaway!   The final number of comments came to 13 which I totally loved! I have always been partial to the number 13.  I was born on the 13th and missed turning 13 on friday the 13th by one year!! (Thanks Mom…) So when I saw that the final comment number was 13 I thought “How cool!”  My next thought was “Wouldn’t it be even cooler if the winning number was 13?” I put the total number of comments in a random number generator on and I kid you not the winning number was 13!!  Here’s a screen shot of the results: This completely made my day!  I’ll be contacting the winner shortly and sending Mr Popper on his way.  I hope they enjoy it as much as I

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