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The Return of The UnKitchen Diva! – German Brotchen Rolls


I swear it’s true! The UnKitchen Diva LIVES!!! Yes, yes, she has been a tad reclusive of late… Ok, Ok, the last two years!! She got into a cookie rut, never did learn how to grill THE perfect burger and delved into slow cooking. HA! You should have seen her face when she put a whole chicken into that thing. Even more priceless was the look when she realized she had chicken, lots and lots of chicken! But that’s a story for another day. What she has become more than a tad bit obsessed with of late is BREAD. This woman LOVES to bake bread (think it has something to do with all the kneading) However, she doesn’t eat it (something to do with the once you start you can never finish and gluttony not being an attractive trait). Always a

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Vipers Baseball

Chase SB1 copy

In honor of the Orioles Pitchers and Catchers reporting in 20 days, I thought I’d share a few images from a baseball session last year. A friend of mine called and said his son’s travel team, The Vipers, were playing their arch rivals at a local park and could I come photograph it for them. Heck yeah! Growing up I was the only girl on the baseball team two years running! We may or may not have only won one game in two years… Details, details!! Still not much can beat sitting in the stands on a warm afternoon and watching some baseball!   And now a little color for you!

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Project 52 – Week 2 “Makeup”


Ok, ok two days late but here is installment number 2 in Project 52  - “Makeup”. Yes, I do realize I need to get a tad more interesting with my storyboard names. Hopefully over time I’ll be more word inspired… Today’s props are brought to you by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and New York Color. And as any girl knows, once you pick a product line you stick with the product line FOREVER!! A fact, a father in the makeup section at Macy’s today, could not wrap his brain around. He incredulously asked his daughter “There isn’t ONE other foundation here you can use!?!” As a side note, I realized all most all my eye shadow is a shade of tan/brown. The lone standout is the lilac one. I’m thinking I need to branch out a little! At least I’m not afraid to

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Project 52 – Week 1 “Camera”


Here it is – installment #1 in Project 52. I call it ‘camera’.. This was my very first pro camera and it was the cadillac of medium format systems at the time. My Gram believed in me big and strong! This was her gift to me when I started photography school. I love this camera. Just picking it up, placing it in my hands, makes me itch and yearn to use it again. Maybe I’ll have to find another project just for it.

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Cowgirl Weekend


Once a Upon a Summer Weekend, ooh a year and a half or so ago…, there was a Cowgirl Weekend! My amazing friend Carol (who I met in high school but didn’t really get to know until well, Facebook, reintroduced us) has had a passion for horses her whole life. She has a handful at any given time at her house. We got to talking about how I should come and visit and do it up large – horses, shooting range, archery, EATING, the lot! I was beyond the moon excited to go. While there I met this beautiful boy – Duke. Just look at him! He was ever, ever so patient with me. Letting me twist and turn in front of him, looking for the ‘perfect’ angle. Every now and then he’d look over at Carol with the complete

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