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Project 52 – #4 Happy 4th of July!

4th of July - flag

Happy 4th of July!!  

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The Hunters Ridge Four


    A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph a group of four high school seniors. They had know each other almost their entire life, lived on the same street and spent numerous hours together getting into trouble. The moms wanted to honor the friendship and save the memories before they all scattered to the four winds. I have to say some child/parent dynamics never change and there was some donut bribery happening in the background if they all behaved! Last night the Fearsome Foursome from Hunters Ridge graduated from QACHS – Congrats to you all!!!

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Project 52 – Week 3 “Clock”


Another (late…) entry into Project 52. This week I chose a clock or more accurately time. These last few weeks have been all about “so much to do, so little time!”. From coaching/rowing seminars to new directions with my photography and just every day life I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed!! And this is only the beginning… I fully expect from now until mid-May to be a complete and utter whorl wind. The only thing I ask is please, please, please let me find a way to quiet my brain so I can at least get a little sleep in the next few months ahead!

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Vipers Baseball

Chase SB1 copy

In honor of the Orioles Pitchers and Catchers reporting in 20 days, I thought I’d share a few images from a baseball session last year. A friend of mine called and said his son’s travel team, The Vipers, were playing their arch rivals at a local park and could I come photograph it for them. Heck yeah! Growing up I was the only girl on the baseball team two years running! We may or may not have only won one game in two years… Details, details!! Still not much can beat sitting in the stands on a warm afternoon and watching some baseball!   And now a little color for you!

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Project 52 – Week 2 “Makeup”


Ok, ok two days late but here is installment number 2 in Project 52  - “Makeup”. Yes, I do realize I need to get a tad more interesting with my storyboard names. Hopefully over time I’ll be more word inspired… Today’s props are brought to you by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and New York Color. And as any girl knows, once you pick a product line you stick with the product line FOREVER!! A fact, a father in the makeup section at Macy’s today, could not wrap his brain around. He incredulously asked his daughter “There isn’t ONE other foundation here you can use!?!” As a side note, I realized all most all my eye shadow is a shade of tan/brown. The lone standout is the lilac one. I’m thinking I need to branch out a little! At least I’m not afraid to

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