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They’re Back – Christmas 2010 with the M Family!!

2010 Custom Christmas Card inside

It’s that time of year again, which means, the M family is back for their annual Christmas Card!  Those of you who have been fans of Lil Blu Dragonfly might recognize them from last year’s card and the all time favorite 2008 card.  The boys and I are old hands at this now. We work really well together and the shoot goes amazingly fast! (I think they’re learning the sooner I get what I want the sooner they can get back to whatever they were doing before I showed up!) I look forward to this project every year. It challenges me in so many ways – how to show the boys as they are this year, how to be visually interesting and different from the past year(s) and finally the custom design. I love designing layouts (one of the reasons

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The M Family Christmas Card Conundrum


We had a conundrum this year. Last year’s card was such a spectacular success and expectations were so high we didn’t know how we were going to top it. There was even talk of skipping a year – that would really be unexpected! In the end we decided to do a complete 180˚ – very simple and sophisticated. We’re already putting our thinking caps on for 2010′s card. What do you think we should do? PS – Yep the boys do look a ton like my nephews but no we’re not related

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It’s That Time of Year – Christmas Cards!


I’m so excited to share this design! I’m so loving the possibilities of trifold cards. It was so much fun to shoot and it is the boys to a T!

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