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The UnKitchen Diva Takes on the 3 B’s – Butter Beer Bread!

  The UnKitchen Diva may or may not be the world’s best procrastinator…. When faced with a large and looming deadline she did what she does best – ignored it and climbed up on her counter (sitting on top of the counter is the most appropriate place to procrastinate – of course!!) to peruse her cookbooks. Low and behold – what did she come across!?! A recipe for the ultimate trifecta of Bs – Butter, Beer and Bread! In all honesty, it was the butter – the one stick of melted butter, poured over the top of the dough before pushing it into the oven - that sold her. Because, well really, nothing else more than that can be said – The UnKitchen Diva gives you: Butter Beer Bread!! Butter Beer Bread 3 cups flour                

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Sports Portraits – A Summer Challenge Revisited

Kent Island Basketball

So you may recall, I set myself up with a Summer Challenge last year (back in the days when there was sun and warmth…). It was all about learning a new technique, trying some new software and practicing a new editing style. In the process the Sports Portrait was born! I was SO excited about the whole process that I convinced the powers that be for the Kent Island Football Team to allow me to photograph all of the seniors on the team and create these awesome portraits. We totally did it on the sly too – none of the players, coaches or parents knew exactly what we were up to. On senior night my cohort in deviousness and I hung all the senior players’ sports portraits by the entrance gate. They were a HUGE hit. I was like a little

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Snow Day with The UnKitchen Diva – Slow Cooker Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo

Slow Cooker Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo

Snow, snow and more snow. The UnKitchen Diva is done and frankly wondering why the heck they even scheduled school for the month of January this year… So bored, and locked in the house for hours huddled under the electric blanket next to the space heater, The UnKitchen Diva needed to break the rut. Hours (and I do mean hours and hours) later on Pinterest (or at least she thinks it was Pinterest…) she came upon this recipe for Slow Cooker Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo. “Hmmm gumbo… I’ve never tried (nor eaten) gumbo before, this could be an excellent snow day experiment” she thought. (And it’s not like she hasn’t had enough snow days this year…) Have you ever thrown only flour into a pan and put it on high heat? The UnKitchen Diva was highly skeptical on this working.

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Madeleine – 2014 Senior


Sometimes you just fall in love with an image and know it the moment the shutter clicks. This session had magic to it from the moment we started. I was so, so excited to get home and edit – I knew I had something special. To make it even better – she’s my canoe partner’s granddaughter!   I put together a short video of the entire session – check it out!

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Summer Challenge


Every year I tell myself I’m going to make it a priority to learn a new technique, try some new software, practice a new editing style, etc… And year after year it slips by – to busy, not enough time, I’ll do it next month. Well last week I buckled down. This was ON!! I scoured the web, watched some tutorials and spent lots of lots of time with my camera and computer. And voila –  a HDR Sports Portrait! I’m now more than a little sleep deprived and totally in love with this new process! Already working on ideas for the next one.

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