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2013 Senior Models Video (Can You Say KI High Rocked It?!)

2013 Models-4

I have been horribly amiss! It’s only now that I realized that the AMAZING 2013 Senior Models video never made it onto the blog. How could that possibly have happened?? This past year I had ROCKIN 2013 Senior Models (all from Kent Island by the way – what’s up with that Queen Anne’s??). We zig zagged across Kent Island hitting all sorts of different locations for our sessions, from The Cross Island Trail to Kent Island Firehouse. Thank you Morgan, Judy, Sarah, Tabby and Matthew – I loved working with each one of you!! And now without further ado – The 2013 Lil Blu Dragonfly Senior Model Video!!

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Project 52 – Week 3 “Clock”


Another (late…) entry into Project 52. This week I chose a clock or more accurately time. These last few weeks have been all about “so much to do, so little time!”. From coaching/rowing seminars to new directions with my photography and just every day life I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed!! And this is only the beginning… I fully expect from now until mid-May to be a complete and utter whorl wind. The only thing I ask is please, please, please let me find a way to quiet my brain so I can at least get a little sleep in the next few months ahead!

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