A Wee Bit Busy…

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet, unusually quiet, over the last month. It has been a month of Mommy and Me sessions, weddings in CT and newborns but mostly a month of moving…

Let take a step back, shall we. You would be correct if you thought “Wait. Didn’t she just move last year at this time?” Why yes I did and what a move that was. On a complete leap of faith, not knowing anyone, I moved to Upper Baltimore County, Maryland. I found this sweet, sweet little cottage and set up camp. I loved my little cottage but as time passed I found myself spending more and more time on the Eastern Shore. Queen Anne’s County to be exact. The majority of the people who wove themselves into my life over the last year live down here. So a week or so before Christmas I made the decision that I was going to move yet again when my lease came up at the end of May.

Life, being what it is, never goes exactly to plan… The original place I had lined up to move into fell apart a few weeks before my actual move day. A mad, mad scramble in sued, many emails were sent to friends, and I asked anyone who would listen if they knew of a place. Which is actually how, in a round about way, I found my farm house.

I was talking with a group of women and brought up my dilemma. One of them brought out a local paper and inside was an ad for a house in Old Centreville. When I called the number the woman said yes the house was available and she also may have another house available – a farm house. My ears perked up immediately when she said that. Growing up I always told my parents that I was going to live on a farm. No idea why, but it’s what I always said and I’d say it with conviction. We set a time to meet the next day.

I saw the other house first and it was lovely. I could tell immediately that the landlord loved her properties and took very good care of them. Then we went clear across town and don’t you know I fell in love. It was like this little house had been waiting for me. I have a huge yard with two perfect trees for hanging a hammock, a porch the length of the house and I’m surrounded by wheat and corn fields on all sides. All these years later and I found my farm house! Last night there was a soft breeze and fireflies were playing in the cornfields and I fell in love all over again!

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