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Sometimes It’s Better You Don’t Know…


“Wow. Working on a project and going through all my old work I did in photography school. I wasn’t just bad – I was HORRIBLE!!! Thank goodness I didn’t know it then!” Facebook Status May 8 2011 Yep, that was an actual status update a few days ago. I knew once I put that out I’d have to share the badness with you… How did this revelation come about you ask? I went searching for some inspiration for a new project on which I’ve been working. This project will involve working with others and some teaching. So naturally, I thought “Ah ha! The photo assignments I did at school are the perfect place to start!!” What I found – “WOW” and not in a good way!! I was horrible, horrible. All I could think was “Thank goodness I didn’t know

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A Creative Thought Gone Wild – T Shirt Design Contest

Every now and then I have (what I think) is a fabulous idea. Sometimes these ideas take on a life of their own and become much, much bigger! Such is the case with my seemingly simple idea to have a t-shirt designed for Lil Blu Dragonfly. I had been thinking about designing a t-shirt for Lil Blu Dragonfly for at least a year now and actively talking about it for about 3 months. I did my research, talked to people and looked online for printing places. And then, I stalled and stalled. You see, I realized no one – not a soul – would wear any shirt I designed unless they really, really liked me or were looking for some major brownie points! Then flash, boom, bang a flash of inspiration – what if I got a talented high school

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