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One For The Books – The Great Cloth Diaper Change Annapolis

Faces from Annapolis Great Cloth Diaper Change

What do you do when you get asked to document “The Great Cloth Diaper Change – Annapolis/Columbia“? You say heck yes! A few weeks back, I received an email from LeeAnne of Macaroni Kid Annapolis – Kent Island asking if I’d like to be part of The Great Cloth Diaper Change. This was an international event to set a world record with Guinness World Records for the most babies ever changed with cloth diapers at the same time. She and Rachel of Greenberries were the sponsors for the Annapolis-Columbia site. How on earth could I say no to that? I remember as a kid pouring over the Guinness Books every time we went to the book store – fascinated by the odd and empowering things people would do just to set a record. To qualify as an official site, we had

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Cherry Blossoms Festival – Better Late Than Never…

cherry blossoms 1

Year after year, it never failed. We would be sitting in our kitchen, stilled bundled in winter clothing and across the tv screen would come images of beautiful, sunny weather – flowers and trees in full bloom – spring shouting out its arrival. We’d look at each in wonder. Where the heck is that and how can we get there!?! That, my friends, was the yearly DC Cherry Blossom news headliner. Spring was no where to be found in Connecticut, in fact, it would be weeks and weeks until we’d get catch even a glimmer of it! I always promised myself, one day, one day I’m going to actually see those dang cherry blossoms! A flurry of texts between friends and a date was set and then reset (because you know how it is when you try to get more

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Lil Mr G – Newborn Session


How lucky am I?!? I’ve had a run on newborn sweetness lately and I’m loving it! When I got to the house Lil Mr. G was having a good bake in the sun. He was all warm, toasty and snuggled up. I quickly got to work! Look at his precious little face – can it get any sweeter than that!?! This boy is loved. His Momma just couldn’t stop herself from kissing him, and kissing him, and kissing him… Meet Lil Mr. G! For his Momma

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