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Lil Miss L – Newborn Session

newborn and sister

Has to be said – Lil Miss is L is a beautiful, beautiful baby. Her big sister is adorable too! We decided before hand to time our session around her big sister, Miss J, schedule. While Miss J was finishing out the school day we started with Lil Miss L’s one on one images. Not long after Miss J came bounding in – FULL of  energy, chatting away about her day and going ons at school. From my understanding it was a very good day! We ended the session with images of the sisters together – Miss J proudly and lovingly showed off all her big sister knowledge. That pride and love shines through – so, so thrilled to have captured these moments! Meet the sisters!

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Jordan – 2012 Senior Model

Jordan Senior Portrait

Nope, you’re not seeing a repeat, more like a double! Remember a few weeks ago when I introduced you to Jessie and I mentioned she had a twin? Meet Jordan, Jessie’s equally gorgeous twin. Jordan loves all things brightly colored and bold. Her Senior Portrait Session had to have an artistic bend to it. I put my thinking cap on – wandered around Kent Island a bit and found The Kent Island Federation of Arts. They were gracious enough to allow us to come in and use their gallery as a setting. I think Jordan totally rocked the session out! Meet Jordan! (like Jessie, she too has amazingly stunning eyes!!):

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The UnKitchen Diva and Garlic Herb Butter Hamburgers

herb butter hamburger

The UnKitchen Diva finally got around to rolling up her sleeves and moving forward with her quest for the perfect burger. When this woman gets an idea in her head you best watch out! She did not care that it was March, that she knows nothing about grilling or that the winds were gusting up to 30 miles/hr. She’s seen numerous Facebook posts of men bragging about how they grilled in the middle of blizzards this winter. The UnKitchen Diva would not be bested – she had a mission!! Well as all missions go, you tend to learn a thing or two. The UnKitchen Diva actually had one mind blowing revelation. Mind Blowing, I tell you! Hold on… wait for it…. When you cut a 1lb of ground beef into quarters you get 1/4 pounders!!! So simple and yet so

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Umm… There’s a Deer in Your Closet!?!

deer head in closet

Taxidermy – the act of mounting or reproducing dead animals for display (e.g. as hunting trophies) or for other sources of study. When I moved to Maryland I had no idea that I would quickly become exposed to the finer art of taxidermy. Quickly, as in, spend three seconds on the Eastern Shore and you will find that animal parts and pieces adorn many a room and wall in the community. The size and finer points of racks are discussed and some are described as being record breaking. (I have no idea where the records for this are kept but I am assured that this is serious business.) I now understand the strange look I got from a Maryland man while on a date when I still lived in CT. We were in the P.T. Barnum Museum in Bridgeport and

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