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Erin – 2012 Senior Model

Erin - Senior Portrait Session

OMG this was such a fun session! I had put out the call for senior portrait models and Erin was one of the first to answer. As I read over her Senior Model Application, I got all excited about the possibility of working with her and was positive she’d be a great model! We arranged to meet for the first time at Holly’s (where I am quickly becoming a regular!) to go over the details. Erin is one of those great kids who seems to be involved in just about everything at her school. When she told me she was a varsity tennis player for the last three years I instantly knew I wanted to make that a main part of her session! Secretly, you see, I’ve wanted to do a fashion type shoot on a tennis court for years.

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Love Is…


“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Hangin’ with The Boys (A Day with Father and Son)

father and son

When was the last time you saw fun, professional images of a Dad with his child? I’ll give you a minute… EXACTLY!! This is something that’s been on my brain for a long, long time – years actually and I wanted to change that. I wanted to capture the pure joy, love and affection between a father and his child and I knew I found the perfect pair for this project when I met these two! How did I know and where did I meet this charming pair? Back in October I went to THE football game at Kent Island High School (that little rivalry between Queen Anne’s and Kent Island – yeah, that one). I was part of a large group of people – friends of friends etc – and these two were part of our group. We sat

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Kicking the Fever – Cabin Fever That Is!


“I don’t care what the back of the can says – there is no way a large can of Reddi Wip holds 80 servings!!” “Maybe, possibly a slight bit bored. Is it wrong that I’m thinking of going outside and giving my new snowman friend a reddi wip hairdo??” “ANNND I’m still bored…. Who wants to amuse me??” Now if you’re a friend of mine on Facebook (and really now, why wouldn’t you be!?!) you would recognize the above quotes as some of my more recent status updates. Um, yeah… I was basically climbing the walls!! My friend Hillel finally took pity on me and invited me to go with him on his next flying lesson. Can you say “Boo Yah!!” I’ve been interested in learning to fly for years. There is something magical and daring about being up in

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