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We Don’t Do THAT in Connecticut!! (A CT Girl’s Love for Kent Island)

old lyme to kent island

Take a look at the image up above. Old Lyme, CT is on the left and Kent Island, MD is on the right. Now as you can see, there are many, many miles between the two. Still, you wouldn’t think they would be that different – both small communities surrounded by water, boating and an influx of crazy outsiders known as summer people between the months of June and August. But oooh, you would be so wrong! Apparently, the most oft heard phrase coming out of my mouth for the last 6 months or so is “We don’t do THAT in Connecticut!!” You would think I moved to another country or planet and not just down the eastern seaboard. A few months ago I asked, what I thought, a very basic question “When does hunting season start?” The reply I

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Jessie – 2012 Senior Model


So excited to share this next session! Months ago, Jessie’s mom and I had a conversation about how much she’d like me to photograph her two daughters (twins I might add!). It just so happens, they’re both juniors this year and in need of Senior Portraits. I love photographing Seniors! Seniors are so creative and I get a charge out of combining their creative ideas and ideals with mine. There is always an element of fun, excitement and play with these sessions! When I met with Jessie a few weeks ago the one thing that came up, over and again, is her love of design and fashion. I knew right then, her Senior Session had to have flair and fashion sense. We went from dressy, to her favorite shoes and finally favorite outfit. She looks amazing in all of them!

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P and C’s, P and C’s…


Every January, like clockwork, it begins. He starts pacing around the house muttering under his breath – P and C’s, P and C’s. Soon afterwards you can find him throwing phantom curve and knuckle balls from his lazy-boy. My Dad is a huge baseball fan – Red Sox to be exact.  What exactly does the P and C’s he’s muttering about stand for? It’s his shortened, bring spring on, mantra for Pitchers and Catchers – the day that the MLB Pitchers and Catchers can first report for spring training. This year it’s February 14th. I attract baseball fans in my life like gum to perfectly white sneakers. I don’t go looking for them, but there they are in my life. Briefly, last year, I was seeing a man who is a huge Mets fan. Had he been a Yankees fan

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A Family Session of Epic Proportions!


Back in July, I got a twitter DM from Heather, which quickly turned into a full fledged facebook conversation. Heather had a special project in mind and asked me for my help. The special project? Photograph the family horse farm and 22 members of the family. I loved the idea! Well, like all great ideas that involve a lot of people (and in this case several dogs and one very nosey horse!), there were a few ‘issues’. A small one being a little thing called Hurricane Earl… Earl pushed the shoot back from September to November. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to work very well for the over all farm images, so we broke the session into two.  On a cold morning in October, with a full moon still in the sky, I drove out to the farm and found beauty!

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On A Quest for THE Perfect Burger – 2011 with The UnKitchen Diva

The UnKitchen Diva burger quest

Juicy, thick, medium rare with cheese dripping down the side… hmmmmm. The UnKitchen Diva loves burgers. No I mean, LOVES burgers! She has been on a quest to find the perfect burger for years; only to be disappointed more times than she cares to remember. Out of the huge number of burgers she ate in 2010, she fondly remembers two. The first was in Mercersburg, PA in a local pub/bar – Flannery’s Tavern on the Square. The UnKitchen Diva was working in Mercersburg last spring when she stumbled upon this burger.  It was huge, juicy and the bun wasn’t to bready – everything she dreams a burger should be. In fact, she’s been known to ponder the idea of making a trip to Mercersburg just so she can relive this burger experience. More than one person has heard her say

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