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Defining 2010: 3 Little Words – revisited

Last year, at the end of December (December 30th to be exact), I shared 3 Little Words that I had chosen to Define 2010. They were: sleek, ownership and remarkable. Out of curiosity I reread the post a few days ago. I wanted to read my definitions and see if I had accomplished or met my goals. This past year has been one of big changes – from selling my Gram’s house (which I was care taking) to taking a leap of faith and moving to Maryland. They definitely weren’t factored in when I chose my words to lead me through 2010! I think I did well on one – sleek.  I still bum around the house in my yoga pants/fleece and if you happen to catch me on my morning 7-11 run to pick up my daily caffeine fix

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It’s All in The Name

How Lil Blu Dragonfly Came to Be I’ve been asked time and again how I came up with the name Lil Blu Dragonfly. Did I just pull it out of a hat?? Actually, I put a lot of thought into this name.  The original name (and the one I had for years and years) was Jennie Sjursen Photography. Nothing wrong with that if  - 1) you can remember to spell Jennie with an ie instead of y and 2) Sj – SJ!???! are you kidding me – Norwegian names are not friendly to the brain when trying to remember how to spell them. Don’t even get me started on how to say it! In 2008 I put the business into semi-hibernation – really only working with past clients/friends.  Then at the end of 2008, I was ready to reemerge and

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A Pounamu, Dreams and Changes


Three years ago today, I was on a plane jetting back to New Zealand for a three week visit. I had made my host sister, Elise, a deal. Pay for my airfare and I will photograph your wedding. Much to my surprise, I found myself on a plane on Christmas morning going to the one place on earth I most needed to be. You see three years ago I was going through a very rough patch – I refer to it as my early mid-life crisis… In four weeks not only did I moved back to my home town but also back into my parents home, put my business on hold, said good-bye to someone I cared very much about and to top it off sold my car.  As I said to my Dad, “I hope life doesn’t ask anymore

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The Great Cookie Caper! – Part II

Christmas Cookies

Whew! Did you take a deep breath? Are you ready to move on??  In case you missed it, and I don’t know how you could have, here is a refresher of where we’ve been - The Great Cookie Caper! – Part I! In Part I we we discussed and went over the finer points of Krumkake, Spritz, Ethel’s Sugar Cookies and Snickerdoodles. It’s time now to delve into the final four: 5)    Kringla – Another traditional Norwegian cookie that found The UnKitchen Diva reliving her play dough rolling days… 6)    Berlinerkranzer – Why stick to one Norwegian and play dough rolling type of cookie when you can have two?!? This is also when The UnKitchen Diva realized that most of the traditional cookies are colorless and the tray of cookies may be a little less than festive looking…. 7)    Lemon Whippersnaps – A favorite,

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The Great Cookie Caper! – Part I

Christmas Cookies-1a

Where to start? Where to start? Do we begin with the fact that it’s a Norwegian holiday tradition to serve 7 different types of cookies?  Why 7? No one seems to be able to recall. Or do we go down the road of how The UnKitchen Diva has some how started a new tradition of baking cookies for her friend Mary’s Dad? What started as a joke has now turned into a ‘thing’.  A ‘thing’ of such epic proportions that the man is now receiving his own humongous tray of 8 (an extra type thrown in for the heck of it) types of cookies for Christmas. (No need to worry that The UnKitchen Diva has let the cat out of the bag – he believes that the internet is the death of all society and won’t be reading this at

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