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The UnKitchen Diva and Slow Roasted Tomatoes


So, The UnKitchen Diva religiously went each week to pick up her CSA share, always wondering what she would find. By the end of the season she was overwhelmed by the amount and type of tomatoes on display.  Now, admittedly, she is not fond of tomatoes in any shape or form but she figured there had to be a way to utilize them. She vaguely remembered a friend telling her something about throwing them in a oven for hours at a time to later be used in sauces etc…  Off to the internet to do some research! Now, as you all know, it’s impossible to find a straight answer to anything on the internet.  However, the UnKitchen Diva prevailed and found this gem of a recipe to share with you all. Slow Roasted Tomatoes tomatoes          

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