Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

“Close your eyes,
Have no fear,
The monsters gone,
He’s on the run and your daddy’s here,
Beautiful, Beautiful,
Beautiful Boy.”
John Lennon – Beautiful Boy

Life is a very funny thing.  It really is true, the more you live, learn and love, the more you stay the same.  Meeting this beautiful boy is a perfect example of that. Back in the day, I went to high school with his mom!

Muffy and I are the same age but were a year apart in school.  I was a year ahead and wish I could say it was because of my brilliance. Really it all came down to the fact that I started school at age 4.  Our high school was tiny – no, really – really tiny! There were 300 students – not in each grade level – in the ENTIRE school. Due to this fact, everyone knew everyone (boy did you not want to mess up on the weekend – there was no grapevine – everyone was present and accounted for to witness the mayhap!)

One of my strongest memories of Muffy is of us sharing a bus seat on a NYC field trip.  (Our school trip every year was to NYC and always included going to the Frick Museum, a broadway show and the boys counting how many prostitutes they could spot on the street corners. Hey! We came from a small town, this was well out of our scope of everyday kind of entertainment! *This was also before the days of Giuliani and his infamous cleaning up of Time Square*) Muffy decided, for that day, we had to pretend we were NYC elite and have “airs”.  There was no way in the world that I could pull that off and didn’t even try.  Honestly, I don’t even remember how successful Muffy was. I do remember being impressed that she stuck with that role the whole day. It was funny, outrageous, bold and living out loud. She’s still that way today and I love that.

Here’s where life is funny.  I, like you do, lost touch with Muffy.  I’d get an occasional update about the people who had gone to school with me from my parents. Nothing more concrete or solid than a, “hey, did you hear?” Honestly, I had no idea where Muffy was living or where she was in her life. Then along came Facebook (you knew there had to be a FB connection some where!). I realized she wasn’t living to far from where I had just moved to and her status updates were counting down the days until her first born arrived in the world.  I had been itching to get a newborn in front of my lens for awhile now. So, I sent her a message asking her if I could photograph her son when they got home from the hospital. I was thrilled she said yes.  It took Facebook and a birth to get Muffy and I back in the same room! Honestly, it was like nothing had changed. We are both who we were back then, only now stronger and more confident versions. Without further ado, here is the little man who made it all happen!

He loved sucking on his fingers and hands and I wanted to make sure I captured that.

Here are two more of his pure sweetness!

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