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Harold and the Purple Crayon


So maybe, possibly, quite probably, starting a new monthly series the month before I moved 300 miles – Connecticut to Maryland – was not well planned out. Somehow, I pushed aside all of my previous moving experiences. I didn’t fully recall the chaos and the amount of time it takes to settle in. But oooh I have been reminded.  It’s only this week that I now finally have reliable phone service at the house! (Thank-you Mr Dixon for solving my communications “Black Hole” problem!!) Things seem to be 3/4′s of the way back on track now – whew! I’m ready to announce this month’s book giveaway AND a bonus extra to making up for my dropping the ball! Without further ado I give you: Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. One night Harold decides to take a walk

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Baseball and Beehives


Good Lord it was freaking hot! May 31 2010 was moving day.  What started out as a breezy, beautiful 70˚ day in CT turned into a gross, disgusting, humid 90˚+ day in Baltimore County, MD.  To top it off the local electric company hadn’t turned on the power like I requested.  Can you read NO a/c!!! This also meant that the cable guy couldn’t hook up the tv and internet.  No internet for over an entire week – slay me now!!  This was not an auspicious start to my big move.  Thankfully it got a whole lot better really quickly. I’ve been planning this move since last August.  Coming down, checking out places I might like to live, meeting people (Twitter is totally awesome for this) and just soaking up the vibe that is Baltimore. As it goes, a friend

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