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Chard and Garlic Scapes – Say What?!?

Yes it’s true – The UnKitchen Diva went on a rather long hiatus this spring. During that time a house was sold, she went on the road for 21 days straight and moved to Maryland.  To say she was otherwise occupied would be an understatement!!  Once she got to Maryland she heard over and over again about CSA.  What is this CSA?? Apparently all over the country there are Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) projects.  You buy a share in a local farm and every week pick up fresh produce.  Everyone in her area of Maryland raved about One Straw Farm – so obviously that was the place to go.  Besides The UnKitchen Diva figured if this didn’t get her to like vegetables NOTHING will!!  After getting lost and then saved by one of the owners of the farm, she was

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