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Talk to Me – What Changes Would You Like to See?

Today I was going to unveil the 2nd book in my new Children’s Book Giveaway.  Instead something else has been running through my brain.  So I’m asking for a little patience and I promise I’ll bring back the Children’s Book Giveaway next week. A few weeks ago I visited Blue Sky Factory’s website.  As most of you know, I’m moving to Baltimore in June and was doing some research on companies in the area that intrigued me.  I was curious to see where they were located and clicked on their Corporate Office Directions Page.  What I loved, made me laugh out loud and stuck with me was at the bottom of the page there are walking directions from the parking garage to their front door. Here’s why it stayed with me.  With this one paragraph I understood that they really

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Magic Number 13

Thank-you to everyone who participated in Lil Blu Dragonfly’s first book giveaway!   The final number of comments came to 13 which I totally loved! I have always been partial to the number 13.  I was born on the 13th and missed turning 13 on friday the 13th by one year!! (Thanks Mom…) So when I saw that the final comment number was 13 I thought “How cool!”  My next thought was “Wouldn’t it be even cooler if the winning number was 13?” I put the total number of comments in a random number generator on and I kid you not the winning number was 13!!  Here’s a screen shot of the results: This completely made my day!  I’ll be contacting the winner shortly and sending Mr Popper on his way.  I hope they enjoy it as much as I

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I Am – Road Warrior

back road

I’ve been on the road for 19 days now – 3 more to go…  This image, taken with my point and shoot, is the view (bug marks and all) I have become most familiar with in the last few weeks. I have been to Baltimore, Wilkes Barre PA, Englewood NJ and Merscerbeg PA.  One day I went from Englewood to Baltimore then back to Old Lyme CT – arriving at the wee hour of 2am.  I literally got out of the car, walked up the stairs and fell into the bed that night!  I have longingly remembered my college policy of owning more than 30+ pairs of underwear.  I only had to do laundry once a month in those days!! I have found that when traveling through PA on a Sunday your most likely only going to find Religion or

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