Come Out and Play with Me

And bring your dollies three!

As I don’t have a studio (all of my work is purposely done on location) traditionally my portrait season here in Connecticut kicks off mid to end of May.  We usually don’t have the type of Spring to write home about around here.  It’s cold and damp, with a few beautiful sunny days thrown in to trick us into thinking this year we’ll finally have a real Spring!!

I’ve always heard Spring just a few 100 miles south is a beautiful thing – cherry blossoms and flowering gardens.  After shooting still lifes and The Extraordinary Funky Chicken this winter I’m itching for squishy faces and sticky fingers!  I so want to go out and play that I’m beside myself with the thought of waiting 3-4 weeks to have some fun!  This got me to brainstorming on how to make the time go faster.

As many of you know I now split my time between Baltimore and Connecticut.  I’ll be in the Baltimore area the week of April 18th and experiencing my first “Southern” Spring (so excited to spend some quality outdoor time!).  Contact me (443-353-9211) between now and April 16th, book a session the week of the 18th and I will reduce my sitting fee to $225.  I’m booked solid the following two weeks on commercial shoots and can only make this offer for the week of April 18th.  Won’t you come out and play with me??

Posted by on April 8th, 2010

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