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A Book is Like a Garden…


A Book is Like a Garden Carried in a Pocket – Chinese Proverb Book Give Away, Book Give Away, Book Give Away!! *hint* read all the way to the end. I was standing in the bookstore with 4 new books in my hands when a group of children, sitting in circle being read to, caught my eye.  In a flash, I knew I wanted to share my love of  books with you all.  I decided, right then and there, that I would start a monthly posting based around my favorite books from my childhood.  I also decided I wanted to give away a copy of each book I featured to one of you. You see, books were a HUGE part of my upbringing and I do mean HUGE!  Piles of books could be found around the house, weekly trips to

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Come Out and Play with Me

Maryland promotion storyboard

And bring your dollies three! As I don’t have a studio (all of my work is purposely done on location) traditionally my portrait season here in Connecticut kicks off mid to end of May.  We usually don’t have the type of Spring to write home about around here.  It’s cold and damp, with a few beautiful sunny days thrown in to trick us into thinking this year we’ll finally have a real Spring!! I’ve always heard Spring just a few 100 miles south is a beautiful thing – cherry blossoms and flowering gardens.  After shooting still lifes and The Extraordinary Funky Chicken this winter I’m itching for squishy faces and sticky fingers!  I so want to go out and play that I’m beside myself with the thought of waiting 3-4 weeks to have some fun!  This got me to brainstorming

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Spring 2010 Cleaning Sale!

spring 2010

I’m doing a little spring cleaning and getting ready for the 2010 portrait season.  In the next week I’ll be clearing all 2009 portrait sessions off of my computer. Immediately after a session, I archive all images onto two sets of DVD’s (one in house, one out) and an external hard drive.  I also keep a working set on my computer.  As always, you can order at any time, but once the working sessions are cleared off the computer there may be a longer completion time to delivery as I will have to search and re-upload the files from your session. It always seems Murphy’s Law rears it’s head around these decisions.  The minute I clear all the images you know I’ll get a call for an order!! Happens every time…  In an effort to stop Murphy in his tracks

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A Time to Weep, and a Time to Laugh…

Gram's house

These past few weeks have been full of ups and downs.  For those that don’t know, I have been care taking my Grandmother’s house for the past couple of years.  What originally was suppose to be a temporary move somehow morphed into years.  Two weeks ago the family decided it was time to sell the house. My Grandmother fell and broke her hip and it was hoped she would heal quickly and come home.  Unfortunately, she’s never been able to come back to the home she loves.  As my stay at the house was always suppose to be temporary, I never fully moved in.  Most of the house was kept exactly how my Grandmother left it – pictures on the wall, curtains on the windows and towels in the bathroom.  Not that I didn’t walk around the house and dream

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