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The Extraordinary Funky Chicken’s Fine Art Shoot

The Extraordinary Funky Chicken

Oh No, she didn’t!  Oh yes, she did!! If you know nothing about me, you must know this.  I am cut throat competitive.  I just can’t help myself – this other being comes over me and I’m going to get there first, fastest and smartest.  Of course, that rarely happens but I give the good fight all the way down to my crumbling demise…  So, when one of my photographer friends saw this paper mache, feather coated, chicken in my mother’s kitchen and challenged me to take a fine art photo of it, which if I was successful she would hang in her house – you know the game was on!! I spent a lot of time, to much time, trying to come up with the perfect location.  I issued a call of help out to my Facebook Fans.  Nothing

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The UnKitchen Diva meets the Tsp Spices Ladies

Tsp Spices

It was back in January, the UnKitchen Diva was having coffee (hot chocolate in her case) and discussing the finer points of Twitter with a friend, when she first heard about Tsp Spices.  She was explaining the cooking project/challenge she had set for herself and the upcoming year when her friend almost literally jumped out of her seat and said “I have the perfect company for you!” Tsp Spices is a company that was created by two girlfriends, who lamented the fact that no matter how much they loved to cook, their spices would turn before they could use a whole jar.  Their amazingly brilliant and simple solution – package spices by the tsp.  You love it already right?!? Back to the coffee shop –  she was telling her friend how fantastic their idea was and couldn’t believe she hadn’t

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New Post Viewing Settings – Like/Hate??

Hi All – I’m trying something new and would love your feedback.  I’ve reset the blog to view only one post at a time.  Previously 10 posts were brought up on the front page.  Since my posts tend to be long and obviously full of photos I thought this might streamline the experience for you.  Let me know if you love/hate, would rather see 2 posts, etc…  I’m really curious to see what you think! Thanks!! – Jennie

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