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The Things You do for Your Art…

hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows

Valentines Day was huge for The UnKichen Diva.  That day she not only tackled lasagna but also in a fit of madness decided to make homemade marshmallows!  I kid you not. I saw homemade heart shaped marshmallows somewhere on etsy in the weeks leading up to Valentines Day and I KNEW that I wanted to use something similar for my “Love Is…” project over on Strawberry Road.  I thought how hard can this be?  I was sure I could do it and went off to hunt through my mother’s cookie cutters looking for heart shapes.  Actually, it really isn’t that hard at all but very, very messy and sticky!!  Here’s the link to the recipe – recipe I used. They explain it far better than I can – plus they have photos for each step – gotta love that!  I

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The UnKitchen Diva Tackles Lasagna


This is what happens when you tell the world you have 8 cups of shredded mozzarella and ask what can you possibly do with 8 cups of shredded cheese!  The overall consensus came back as – “Make a lasagna of course!”.  I have to admit The UnKitchen Diva had her misgivings about this.  How on earth was I going to get a tray – A TRAY! – of lasagna to fit rule #1 (it must be able to broken down into single servings and frozen)?!?  I researched the subject and found that yes there is a way to do it.  By the way the whole cook it in glass vs metal – wow – you people are passionate!! Ground beef / Italian Sausage Lasagna 1 package Rozoni curly edge lasagna                    

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Meet the Crew…

American Eskimo dog

Normally during the winter months I settle in, hibernate and plan the up coming year.  Usually I’m alone during this time and in fact it can be days before I have any contact with the outside.  This winter, however, I have an entire crew hanging with me and keeping me on my toes!  Meet Sadie, Fred and Zoe – they are my new constant companions. First up – Sadie.  Sadie and I have a true love.  It started over a decade ago when my parents brought her home – this white fluffy butterball of a thing.  She is a complete sweetheart.  She is however also a poser – she was posing for this image in fact – I have yet to ever be able to sneak up on her and get a non posed image!! Fred – well I honestly

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Join the Party!

Facebook Badges I’ve been working hard behind the scenes and created a Facebook Fan Page.  It’s still in the beginning stages but I have big plans for the future!!  I’d love for you to come over and be part of it!  See you there!!

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Normally, when asked about Sundays, I think “Sundays = laundry”.  Traditionally this is the day I do laundry – clothes, sheets, towels, etc…  But I was thinking about it today, Sundays are more than that.   They are about having no set schedule, staying in my pajamas all day, watching lots of The History Channel and tidying up the house.  Sundays are when I tie up the loose ends from the previous week, clear my head and start the new week with a clean slate.  I love my Sundays – sliding into clean sheets when I go to bed and starting the week fresh!

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