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The UnKitchen Diva and the Rules

stuffed pepper

Yum – Stuffed Peppers!!  Now I have to admit that this is not a new dish for me.  In fact it’s one of the few meals I do well!!  If you read my last UnKitchen Diva post – you know that moving forward with this cooking project I have two rules. 1) Everything must be able to be broken down into individual servings that I can freeze and 2) it must look pretty.  That’s it – pretty simple.  I’m such a visual person I thought I’d show you a meal that I think fits the rules perfectly – stuffed peppers!! Stuffed Peppers 1 1/2 lbs ground beef                          1 onion, chopped 1/4 tsp salt                                

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The Gators Girls

Gator Girls Hockey

I’ve been traveling back and forth to Maryland lately.  When there, I stay with friends who are a HUGE hockey family!!  As I walked in the door Tuesday night I was told “The Big Game” was that Friday night.  The show down was to be between the Gators (girls team) and St Paul’s (boys team) – bragging rights were on the line.  I’m not sure exactly when the idea for me to go and shoot the game came up – but I whole heartedly agreed.  It was going to be a challenge – weird, low lighting and fast moving subjects – plus it was “The Big Game”!  How could I miss that!?!  Action sports are not typically what I shoot – but I’m really, really happy with what I captured!  Gators Girls you played with your hearts and I love

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Champion of My Dreams


I’m sitting here spinning a ring around my pinky finger.  It’s the turquoise ring I saw my Grandmother wear everyday.  In fact, I so closely associate this ring to my Grandmother that for the first two years after her death I didn’t take it out of the drawer.  I rarely wear it, but lately I’ve been drawn to it.  It called to me to pull it out of the drawer and wear it this past Christmas and on my birthday – almost as a way to have a part of my Grandmother there to share in the joy. This January I went to a photo seminar in Mystic, CT – Mystic 5 – where I heard the fabulous David Williams speak.  He asked a question of the audience – “Think of a loved one.  Do you have every photograph you

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Introducing Pocket Change

What is Pocket Change exactly? Pocket Change is my new blog within a blog – it’s nestled right here inside the regular Lil Blu Dragonfly blogsite. ( Why a new blog? You started a new business and you thought clients and money were going to come pouring in. You quickly realized that even though your product is INCREDIBLE no one knows about you (well no one other than your mom and best friend). Something has to happen and fast!! You discover you have to tackle this whole other full time job called marketing. It can be a very daunting beast! I came to marketing through the above scenario. Took up the sword and charged full speed ahead – books, blogs, seminars etc…  It was an epic battle of smarts between the beast and I! Somewhere in the middle of the

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Frittatas with The UnKitchen Diva


So here it is – I’m outing myself – I am a single women in her 30′s who has absolutely no idea how to cook.  I have all sorts of excuses – I’m single, cooking for one is no fun, have you ever tried eating beef stroganoff 6 days in a row (seriously – no fun!) and the list goes on.  My dinners are often eggs (scrambled and sunny side down), hamburgers and baked chicken breast. Lately I find myself thinking unthinkable thoughts – I actually want to learn a thing or two in the kitchen.  Now don’t get me wrong – I can’t see me ever aspiring to be a Kitchen Diva of the highest order.  I’m fairly sure that the Unkitchen Diva in me is healthy and strong but I’m feeling a pull to try something new. Take

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