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Defining 2010: 3 Little Words

Last week I read Chris Brogan’s post “Wiring Yourself for Success”. Chris picks 3 words each year to help guide him in refining his goals and decisions for the upcoming year – a lighthouse beacon to see through the fog so to speak. The past 2 years I have been using themes to define my upcoming year. 2008 was the year of “play”. I realized I had forgotten how to enjoy all the little fun things I so enjoyed as a kid. I made it a point to play when ever possible. To that end – I finger painted in the yard with one of my nieces, slept under the stars in the backyard (ok I added an aerobed – my back isn’t as forgiving as it use to be!), rediscovered skinny dipping, got lost in a corn maze and

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Happy Holidays


May you be surrounded by Love, Laughter and Joy!!

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The M Family Christmas Card Conundrum


We had a conundrum this year. Last year’s card was such a spectacular success and expectations were so high we didn’t know how we were going to top it. There was even talk of skipping a year – that would really be unexpected! In the end we decided to do a complete 180˚ – very simple and sophisticated. We’re already putting our thinking caps on for 2010′s card. What do you think we should do? PS – Yep the boys do look a ton like my nephews but no we’re not related

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My Favorite Quick & Easy Cookie Recipe – Lemon Whippersnaps


I love the flavor of lemon! My birthday cake when I was a kid was a yellow cake with lemon curd filling, white icing and coconut – ohh the sweetness!! (If anybody can find me that cake now – I’ll be your new BFF!!)  As I got older my cake became a lemon meringue pie – oh the love! These cookies offer the same lemony delight I got from the cake and pie and have become a favorite cookie of mine to give away at Christmas. 1 egg 1 package lemon cake mix 4 oz Cool Whip (1/2 of a regular container), thawed 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1) Mix cake mix, Cool Whip and egg until well blended. This makes a really really sticky biscuit like batter. I alway use a wooden spoon to mix it all together – no

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A Little Mabel’s Labels Love!

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I adore Mabel’s Labels! I first found out about them two years ago when my sister was showing us the new labels she had put into one of my nieces’ shoes. They were so cute, didn’t move and you could take them back out of the shoes when the kids out grew them! How cool is that? Jump back to now and I had a sudden flash of inspiration. My 94 year old Grandmother is now in assisted living. She has only recently agreed to let them do her laundry instead of sending it home with one of us. Gram has had huge misgivings about this and has spent countless hours worrying that they are going to mix her laundry up with someone else’s. Every year it’s a struggle to figure out what to get her for Christmas. This year it

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