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It’s That Time of Year – Christmas Cards!


I’m so excited to share this design! I’m so loving the possibilities of trifold cards. It was so much fun to shoot and it is the boys to a T!

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I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon again I know – but I’ve been working on some really great projects. A client of mine gave me a challenge – come up with a storyboard (collage) of all the photo shoots we’ve done. Here’s why it was a challenge – the majority was on film and black and white. I had to mull it over for a little while – but I love the finished version. They are 3 20×24 standouts (images mounted on 3/4 board ready to hang) – one for each of the boys and one of them together. Your going to get tired of seeing these boys – but I can’t wait to show off the Christmas card we came up with this year – coming up next!

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